WROC Cardiff – Back Up Cooling

Project Value: £90,000

A review of the Design and installation of cooling plant in an operational communication room.

Services Covered:

Air ConditioningDesignRail Services

Site Details:

  • The WROC Wales rail operating centre is a major operational control hub and controls signalling across Wales.
  • As part of the installation 2 ciat water chillers were fitted serving multiple Denco units across the building.
  • The client had been experiencing issues with ongoing chiller failures that were proving time consuming to repair.
  • This in turn was causing operational delays as the rooms over heated and equipment failed. Due to the size of the rooms mobile units were impractical.

Installed Solution:

  • Tate provided SSE and NWR with a solution of 12 individual Mitsubishi ducted units with a combined cooling capacity of 220kw.
  • In the event of a failure these could be instantly switched on to provide emergency cooling during any chilled water outage.
  • Tate installed the Mechanical package. SSE enterprise installed the electrical package.

Contract Innovations:

  • Providing a cost-effective solution lowering the risks to the network.
  • All pipework was crimped this allowed cost to be manageable for the client.

Site Specific Risks and Issues

  • Tate had to work closely with SSE and Network Rail to produce a design.
  • The works were within operational signalling rooms.
  • The works involved a significant lift and shift element.
  • Tate installation teams worked closely with the WROC staff to ensure all sensitive equipment was protected during the works.
  • During drilling operations Tate used Class M extraction units so the works were dust free.

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